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        • 公司簡介



          天津捷迅國際物流有限公司位于天津市濱海新區航運路海景大廈12層。  主要經營范圍包括進出口整箱/拼箱報關報檢、商檢出證。整箱、拼箱、散貨、超尺貨、BB件、 滾裝船/散貨船提送貨服務;進口整柜拆箱分撥運輸服務,異地提貨裝箱、熏蒸出證服務,進口貨物送貨上門,出口貨物上門提貨;天津港地面綜合代理服務;代理進出口換單押箱;堆場機力人工拆裝箱、加固打托纏膜,倉儲等服務。

          Tianjin Jiexun International Logistics Co., Ltd. is located on the 12th floor of Haijing Building, Shipping Road, Binhai New Area, Tianjin. The main business scope includes import and export whole box/LCL customs declaration and inspection, Commodity Inspection Certificate. Full container, LCL, bulk cargo, extra size cargo, BB parts, ro-ro/bulk carrier delivery services; import full container unpacking and distribution transport services, off-site pick-up and loading, fumigation certificate service, the import goods are delivered to the door, the export goods are delivered to the door; Tianjin port ground comprehensive agent services; agent import and export for single charge box; yard mechanical manual unpacking, reinforcing and wrapping film, warehousing and other services.


          Our company has been engaged in the customs declaration industry for decades of work experience of the customs broker, has accumulated a wealth of customs experience. Successfully handled hundreds of cases of customs clearance and inspection of imported raw sugar, mixed sugar, syrup, soybean, rice, frozen chicken feet, etc. , the northern heavy industry steel products zero duty customs declaration. With a professional attitude, the highest efficiency, the shortest time to solve customer problems. For the shortest time limit within the release.


          The company has a variety of models, self-employed drivers, each car is equipped with GPS positioning system to ensure that vehicles on time to the factory. Business Scope covers all over the country trailers, various outlets various box, price concessions professional services.


          Our company has 2 self-owned warehouses in Tianjin Port, East Xinjiang warehouse and North Xinjiang warehouse. With 24-hour non-stop for you to provide professional unpacking, strengthening, wrapping, tugging, warehousing and other services


          Division I in good faith, efficient, win-win cooperation and service purposes, looking forward to cooperation with you!

          業務聯系方式 Business contact:TEL:13323393369   


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